Started in 2018, this blog is named after the topic of its first post, the Tontine Coffee-House. More than just an ordinary coffeehouse, it was the inauspicious ancestor of the New York Stock Exchange. This blog will recount the histories of other great financial institutions and innovations, with some oddities along the way.

Before digging deeper into all the financial archaeology that abounds here, read the post that started it all.

About the Author

Daniel DeMatos has been writing since his days as a student journalist. After graduating from Rutgers University having studied finance, economics, and history, Daniel found a career in finance. His latest project, the Tontine Coffee-House, combines his regard for history with his knowledge in finance. When he isn’t experiencing the world of capital and commerce firsthand, he enjoys collecting stories secondhand, passed like prized antiques from times past. These stories aren’t bought but bestowed so consider his collection your own. Though be sure to share.

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